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Wattpad is an application that can be used on a mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer. It provides a platform for writers to share their texts with other writers and readers. It has a large library of texts and stories, texts and stories can be accessed and read for free. Simply log in with a username and password and you can start reading and writing. Readers can leave feedback on texts and stories. Is an online application install Wattpad which lets people read and upload their own writings and stories to site.

It has many different kinds of stories such as romance, horror, fantasy. People can upload their original novels to the site. Is free to use and it can be accessed on phones, tablets, laptops. Is a social networking site Wattpad online free that is free to use and offers a unique interactive reading experience. Writing on site is entirely user-generated and you can find both stories and poems on site. The site has about 90 million users and is one of the most popular web sites for teenagers. Wattpad is an application where users can read, upload, and share their own stories, poems, other content in the form of text. 


It's very easy to navigate Wattpad unblocked and it displays stories in an organized way. Layout is very good and it's easy to find stories that the user is looking for. Interface is simple and easy to use. You can find a story you want to read simply by browsing through the different categories or by looking at most popular stories. You can see the popular stories from your friends and from people who are reading same genre as you. 

Interface of Wattpad PC download is very minimalistic with its white background, blue header, simple user interface. Header is only place where there are any colors. It has a search bar, which is the only way to find any content in application. The only control application has is a menu button in bottom right corner, which is limited to log out, log in, settings, help.


Usability of free Wattpad is very good. It's easy to upload stories to site and app is very user-friendly. It's easy to search for stories and they are easy to find. Site is easy to use and very responsive. You can log in through a Facebook or a Twitter account and you can read a story offline, so you don't have to be connected to the internet to enjoy a good story. 


Has many different features Wattpad install for people to use. It's possible to see how many times the story has been read, when it was last updated, when it was published, when it was last read. You can read a story with a few clicks and you can upload your own stories. You can chat with other users or even just follow them, which is a neat way to keep up with what your friends are reading. 


Wattpad has many different ways for people to contact site in order to get help. Some of them are through email, Twitter, and Skype. Has an active community Wattpad computer of users who are happy to help newbies and answer questions. Is a section for any problems you might encounter.  

Application is free to download. Some of the content in application is free, so users might need to pay for some content. Application Wattpad app download provides limited support, but it does provide help.


  • I am not getting notifications of new messages.
    Please follow the steps below to troubleshoot issue.
    • First, please make sure that you are signed in to your account on both your mobile device on Wattpad free download PC app.
    • Second, please make sure that you are on latest version of app.
    • Third, please make sure that your notifications are turned on for  app.
    • Fourth, please make sure that your notification settings are not on silent.
    • Fifth, please make sure that the notifications are not being blocked by a third-party application or settings on your device.

  • When does Wattpad download application launch?
    Application is available for iOS, Android, Windows mobile devices.

  • How do I delete my account on app?
    On app, tap on the user icon on the bottom of screen, tap on "Settings" under the user icon, tap on "Delete Account" at bottom of screen, confirm your choice.


The conclusion would be that download Wattpad laptop is a good application that is easy to use has many different features. Application is available for free on platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, and Amazon. Is a social application Wattpad apk download where you can connect with other users and communities, follow their progress, give feedback, share your own content.